Philippe Bouillard

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This paper addresses continuous optimization problems with multiple objectives and parameter uncertainty defined by probability distributions. First, a reliability-based formulation is proposed, defining the nondeterministic Pareto set as the minimal solutions such that user-defined probabilities of nondominance and constraint satisfaction are guaranteed.(More)
Background: Several sawfly larvae of the Tenthredinidae (Hymenoptera) are called easy bleeders because their whole body integument, except the head capsule, disrupts very easily at a given spot, under a slight mechanical stress at this spot. The exuding haemolymph droplet acts as a feeding deterrent towards invertebrate predators. The present study aimed to(More)
The objective of this case report is to describe the first case of renal actinomycosis caused by Actinomyces meyeri presenting as severe emphysematous pyelonephritis and complicated by septic shock and multi-organ failure. Emphysematous pyelonephritis is a potentially life-threatening infection mostly described in diabetic patients and predominantly caused(More)
— Decidability of existence, rationality of delay controllers and robust delay controllers are investigated for systems with time weights in the tropical and interval semirings. Depending on the (max,+) or (min,+)-rationality of the series specifying the controlled system and the control objective, cases are identified where the controller series defined by(More)
This study addresses the problem of optimizing mechanical components during the first stage of the design process. While a previous work focused on pa-rameterized designs with fixed configurations-which led to the development of the PAMUC (Preferences Applied to MlJltwbjectivity and Constraints) method, for solving multicriteria constrained problems within(More)
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