Philippe Boucaud

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In a recent paper [1] we presented precise lattice QCD results of our Eu-ropean Twisted Mass Collaboration (ETMC). They were obtained by employing two mass-degenerate flavours of twisted mass fermions at maximal twist. In the present paper we give details on our simulations and the computation of physical observables. In particular, we discuss the problem(More)
Deep ultra-violet semiconductor lasers have numerous applications for optical storage and biochemistry. Many strategies based on nitride heterostructures and adapted substrates have been investigated to develop efficient active layers in this spectral range, starting with AlGaN quantum wells on AlN substrates and more recently sapphire and SiC substrates.(More)
We demonstrate phase-matched second harmonic generation in gallium nitride on silicon microdisks. The microdisks are integrated with side-coupling bus waveguides in a two-dimensional photonic circuit. The second harmonic generation is excited with a continuous wave laser in the telecom band. By fabricating a series of microdisks with diameters varying by(More)
We present the apeNEXT project which is currently developing a massively parallel computer with a multi-TFlops performance. Like previous APE machines, the new supercomputer is completely custom designed and is specifically optimized for simulating the theory of strong interactions, quantum chromodynamics (QCD). We assess the performance for key application(More)
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