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apeNEXT is the latest in the APE collaboration's series of parallel computers for computationally intensive calculations such as quantum chromo dynamics on the lattice. The authors describe the computer architectural choices that have been shaped by almost two decades of collaboration activity.
In a recent paper [1] we presented precise lattice QCD results of our Eu-ropean Twisted Mass Collaboration (ETMC). They were obtained by employing two mass-degenerate flavours of twisted mass fermions at maximal twist. In the present paper we give details on our simulations and the computation of physical observables. In particular, we discuss the problem(More)
We present the first direct evaluation of ∆I = 3/2 K → ππ matrix elements with the aim of determining all the low-energy constants at NLO in the chiral expansion. Our numerical investigation demonstrates that it is indeed possible to determine the K → ππ matrix elements directly for the masses and momenta used in the simulation with good precision. In this(More)
We present the apeNEXT project which is currently developing a massively parallel computer with a multi-TFlops performance. Like previous APE machines, the new supercomputer is completely custom designed and is specifically optimized for simulating the theory of strong interactions, quantum chromodynamics (QCD). We assess the performance for key application(More)
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