Philippe Boisnault

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BACKGROUND France is in Europe, the country in which the mortality due to potentially preventable causes is the highest. At the same time, French doctors receive no incentives to undertake prevention activities. This article examined the general practitioners' (GPs) determinants (characteristics, patient list and contextual factors) of cardiovascular(More)
OBJECTIVES Public Health actors in France are striving to improve the use of national databases for public health and research. The main objective of this project was to develop a research tool in ambulatory care by matching medical data and reimbursement data. METHODS Data sources were the health insurance database (SNIIRAM) and the General Practice(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to determine the respective importance of herpes labialis and genitalis in patients consulting general practitioners and ascertain their knowledge and opinions concerning herpes labialis and genitalis in order to analyze patient behavior in case of flare-ups. PATIENTS AND METHOD A questionnaire was proposed to a(More)
CONTEXT From one country to another, the pay-for-performance mechanisms differ on one significant point: the identification of target populations, that is, populations which serve as a basis for calculating the indicators. The aim of this study was to compare clinical versus medication-based identification of populations of patients with diabetes and(More)
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