Philippe Bidinger

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The Kell Calculus is a family of process calculi intended as a basis for studying distributed component-based programming. This paper presents an abstract machine for an instance of this calculus, a proof of its correctness, and a prototype OCaml implementation. The main originality of our abstract machine is that it does not mandate a particular physical(More)
The paper studies a distributed implementation method for the BIP (Behavior, Interaction, Priority) component framework for mod-eling heterogeneous systems. BIP offers two powerful mechanisms for describing composition of components by combining interactions and priorities. A system model is lay-ered. The lowest layer contains atomic components; the second(More)
This paper 1 presents the Kell calculus, a new distributed process calculus that retains the original insights of the Seal calculus (local actions, process replication) and of the M-calculus (higher-order processes and programmable membranes), although in a much simpler setting than the latter. The calculus is equipped with a type system that enforces a(More)
We present a type system for the Dream component-based message-oriented middleware. This type system aims at preventing the erroneous use of messages, such as the access of missing content. To this end, we adapt to our setting a type system developed for extensible records.
We design BioScape, a concurrent language for the stochas-tic simulation of biological and bio-materials processes in a reactive environment in 3D space. BioScape is based on the Stochastic Pi-Calculus, and it is motivated by the need of individual-based, continuous motion, and continuous space simulation in modeling complex bacteria-materials interactions.(More)
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