Philippe Bergeron

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Shadows can be a problem in generating realistic images. They are visible from the viewpoint but invisible from the light source. Shadow casting vastly improves realism and gives useful information about relationships between objects, but the technique itself is extremely complex. It was for this reason that early implementations of shading algorithms(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate stochastic and deterministic risks associated with neurointerventional procedures for the patient. METHODS Eight neurovascular interventional procedures were evaluated to determine the entrance skin dose and effective dose for the patient. Dosimetry was done with thermoluminescence dosimeters. The highest dose on the patient's head was(More)
Structure- and property-based drug design is an integral part of modern drug discovery, enabling the design of compounds aimed at improving potency and selectivity. However, building molecules using desktop modeling tools can easily lead to poor designs that appear to form many favorable interactions with the protein's active site. Although a proposed(More)
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