Philippe Berbis

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BACKGROUND Recently, metagenomic studies have identified viable Pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV), a plant virus, in the stool of healthy subjects. However, its source and role as pathogen have not been determined. METHODS AND FINDINGS 21 commercialized food products containing peppers, 357 stool samples from 304 adults and 208 stool samples from 137(More)
BACKGROUND The disruption of endothelial homeostasis is a major determinant in the pathogenesis of systemic sclerosis (SSc) and is reflected by soluble and cellular markers of activation, injury and repair. We aimed to provide a combined assessment of endothelial markers to delineate specific profiles associated with SSc disease and its severity. METHODS(More)
TNF weakly inducer of apoptosis (TWEAK) is member of the TNF ligand superfamily. Various data support that TWEAK produced by synovial macrophages may contribute to synovitis observed in psoriatic arthritis (PsoA). In PsoA, anti-TNF therapy has been successful in agreement with the key role of TNF in the pathogenesis and the generation by PsoA patients of(More)
The detection of autoantibodies to epidermal or basement membrane zone proteins by immunoblot (IB) is useful for the diagnosis and the classification of autoimmune bullous diseases (AIBD). IB using human skin extracts is actually the reference method but A431 cell line is proposed as easier alternate antigen source. We explored the performances of " A431 IB(More)
A case of peripheral neuropathy following treatment with piroxicam is reported. The patient developed muscle pain and asymmetrical sensory distal neuropathy of the lower limbs a few months after the onset of the treatment. Piroxicam was withdrawn and full recovery was achieved within one year. The simultaneous appearance in the same patient of erythroderma(More)
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