Philippe Baudet

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This paper first addresses the definition of various objectives involved in eco-efficient processes, taking simultaneously into account ecological and economic considerations. The environmental aspect at the preliminary design phase of chemical processes is quantified by using a set of metrics or indicators following the guidelines of sustainability(More)
This paper presents a general methodology for exergy balance in chemical and thermal processes integrated in ProSimPlus as a well-adapted process simulator for energy efficiency analysis. In this work, as well as using the general expressions for heat and work streams, the whole exergy balance is presented within only one software in order to fully automate(More)
Correlations between evaluations by two observers of cleanliness of colon on straight abdominal images (ASP) and on barium enema (LDC) results were studied, as well as predictions of cleanliness of LDC by ASP. Correlation between observers was practically nul for ASP and was poor for LDC. There is lack of correlation between cleanliness of colon on ASP and(More)
Da sich Diaza-indophenole und Diaza-diphenochinone ausgehend yon 3-Amino-2,6-dihydroxy-pyridinen leicht synthetisieren lassen [4], ist ii~r die Biosynthese des Indogoidins und des 16slichen Pigmentes yon Arthrobacter polychromogenes, welches bezeichnenderweise auch bet anderen Indigoidinbildnern beobachtet wird, eine gemeinsame Vorstufe wahrscheinlich.(More)