Philippe Amabili

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Ependymal cells located around the central canal of the adult spinal cord are considered as a source of neural stem cells (NSCs) and represent an interesting pool of endogenous stem cells for repair strategies. Physical exercise is known to increase ependymal cell proliferation, while improving functional recovery. In this work, we further characterized(More)
Diethyl maleate (DEM) is known to produce a rapid depletion of hepatic glutathione (GSH) and to induce an immediate short-term choleresis in experimental animals. The aim of our investigation was to ascertain in rats the effect of DEM on biliary lipid composition during the increment in bile flow. Biochemical and morphological studies of liver tissue were(More)
BACKGROUND Intraoperative recruitment manoeuvres (RMs) combined with PEEP reverse the decrease in functional residual capacity (FRC) associated with anaesthesia and improve intraoperative oxygenation. Whether these benefits persist after operation remains unknown. We tested the hypothesis that intraoperative RMs associated with PEEP improve postoperative(More)
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