Philippe A. Janson

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The exchange of goods conducted face-to-face between two parties dates back to before the beginning of recorded history. Eventually, as trade became more complicated and inconvenient, humans invented abstract representations of value. As time passed, representations of value became more and more abstract, progressing from barter through bank notes, payment(More)
The extensive use of open networks and distributed systems poses serious threats to the security of end-to-end communications and network components themselves. A necessary foundation for securing a network is the ability to reliably authenticate communication partners and other network entities. One-way, password-based authentication techniques are not(More)
An essential function for achieving security in computer networks is reliable authentication of communicating parties and network components. Such authentication typically relies on exchanges of cryptographic messages between the involved parties, which in turn implies that these parties be able to acquire shared seeret keys or certified public keys.(More)
This paper studies the issues of exibility and scalability in the context of network security. In particular, it concentrates on authentication and key distribution services suited for a variety of communication paradigms, network environments , and end-devices. We present the design criteria, speciication, and step-by-step construction of authentica-tion(More)
The problem of secure key distribution has been the subject of much attention in the recent years. This paper describes a novel method for authenticated key distribution in the distributed systems environment. In particular, a braiding technique for key distribution is introduced. The underlying protocols are extremely compact in both the number of messages(More)
Much effort is currently being devoted to producing computer systems that are easy to understand, to verify and to develop. The general methodology for designing such a system consists of decomposing it into a structured set of modules so that the modules can be understood, verified and developed individually, and so that the understanding/verification of(More)
We gave cryoprecipitate to six patients with uremia and bleeding times prolonged to more than 15 minutes. After the infusion, all patients had shortened bleeding times; the times of five became normal. In four patients control of major bleeding episodes was attained, and five underwent major surgical or invasive procedures, with good hemostasis. After(More)
We report a case of Lyme myocarditis presenting solely as complete heart block in a previously healthy 32-year-old white man. Indium cardiac antimyosin scan showed diffuse uptake (2+, on a scale of 0 to 4+) during the acute phase of the illness. The electrocardiogram and the indium cardiac antimyosin scan were normal 6 weeks after completion of tetracycline(More)