Philippa Williams

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The purpose of the current study was to assess the practical and psychosocial needs of rural women with early breast cancer in Australia and recommend strategies to ensure equity in availability and access to cancer treatment for all women. A random sample of 204 rural women diagnosed with early breast cancer was recruited to participate in a telephone(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine whether a 12-month program of group exercise can improve physical functioning and reduce the rate of falling in frail older people. DESIGN Cluster randomized, controlled trial of 12 months duration. SETTING Retirement villages in Sydney and Wollongong, Australia. PARTICIPANTS Five hundred fifty-one people aged 62 to 95(More)
A substantial body of work on the concept of social support has resulted in many definitions, but none have been accepted as definitive. The lack of consensus about the definition of social support has resulted in a lack of consistency and comparability among studies. More important, the validity of any study attempting to measure or influence social(More)
A population-based survey of Australian women diagnosed with early breast cancer examined the uptake and acceptability of a peer support program, the Breast Cancer Support Service (BCSS). We examined the characteristics and perceptions of women who did and did not use the BCSS. More than one-third (36%) had used the BCSS, most of whom first heard of it from(More)
The purpose of the current study was to access the degree to which the support needs of women with a newly diagnosed, early invasive, primary breast cancer and their families are being met. A random sample of 544 women diagnosed with early breast cancer was recruited to participate in a telephone survey via state and territory cancer registries. Sixteen(More)
BACKGROUND Older people often experience unusual sleeping patterns and a poor quality of night-time sleep. Insufficient sleep has potential effects on cognition and physical functioning and therefore may increase the incidence of falls in older people. OBJECTIVES To determine the extent to which a range of physiological, psychological and health-related(More)
The principles of fast track surgery are well established in colorectal surgery. It is an evidence based model aimed at reducing length of stay, convalescence and morbidity by optimising both clinical and organisational factors. Despite this, the implementation of fast track surgery in breast cancer patients has been slow. The 23 h discharge model for(More)
OBJECTIVES To assess whether information, support and other psychosocial care for women with early breast cancer in Australia is in accord with published Australian clinical practice guidelines. DESIGN An interview survey of a population-based sample of women with early breast cancer. SETTING The whole of Australia. PARTICIPANTS Women diagnosed with(More)
Despite evidence of benefit, little is know about Australian women's access to and perceptions of specialist breast nurse (SBN) care. The aims of this study were to: explore access to SBNs by Australian women with breast cancer; identify factors associated with receiving systematic SBN care (at least 3 SBN contacts including preoperatively and(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the contributions of sensorimotor factors to postural control and falling in people with prior polio and to determine whether these contributions differ from those found in normal populations. DESIGN Survey and case-control study. SETTING A falls and balance laboratory in Australia. PARTICIPANTS Forty persons with prior polio(More)