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We have identified Math5, a mouse basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) gene that is closely related to Drosophila atonal and Xenopus Xath5 and is largely restricted to the developing eye. Math5 retinal expression precedes differentiation of the first neurons and persists within progenitor cells until after birth. To position Math5 in a hierarchy of retinal(More)
It is seldom the primary tumour that proves fatal in cancer, with metastasis the fundamental pathological process for disease progression. Upregulation of Mena, a member of the evolutionarily conserved Ena/VASP family of actin cytoskeletal regulators, promotes metastasis and invasive motility of breast cancer cells in vivo. To complement in vitro studies of(More)
Cell migration has been studied extensively in vitro, however, fewer studies address this subject in vivo. Our aim is to determine in vivo, the role of the actin regulatory protein, Ena. To enable this we are studying Drosophila hemocytes in the developing embryo. Hemocytes are the primary immune cells of Dro-sophila and during development they follow(More)
This paper presents sensitivity and trade-off analyses for the design of a gaseous injector used for liquid rocket propulsion whose geometry (hydrogen flow angle, hydrogen and oxygen flow areas and oxygen post tip thickness) is sought to optimize performance (combustion length) and life/survivability (temperatures at three different locations). The analyses(More)
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