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Intensifying legislation and increased research on the toxicological and persistent nature of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have recently influenced the direction of liquid repellent chemistry use; environmental, social, and sustainability responsibilities are at the crux. Without PFAS chemistry, it is challenging to meet current textile(More)
  • P J Hill
  • 1980
In a study of 257 children in kindergarten through fourth grade, in a Michigan public school, 38% were identified and referred to a special class as having problems in reading and writing or reversing letters and words. The percentage of children having these problems decreased regularly with age; however, the proportion of children exhibiting reversals(More)
NOTICE: CAPRi Working Papers contain preliminary material and research results, and are circulated prior to a full peer review in order to stimulate discussion and critical comment. It is expected that most CAPRi Working Papers will eventually be published in some other form, and that their content may also be revised. ABSTRACT This paper discusses the(More)
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