Philippa E H Lewis

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OBJECTIVE Intraosseous access (IO) is becoming increasingly accepted in adult populations as an alternative to peripheral vascular access; however, there is still insufficient evidence in large patient groups supporting its use. METHODS Retrospective review. This paper reports on the use of IO devices over a 7-year period from August 2006 to August 2013(More)
Sodium nitroprusside, a direct-acting vasodilator, has been used to treat the hypertension associated with preeclampsia and eclampsia. Fatal cyanide intoxication has been reported during infusion of nitroprusside. We have investigated placental transfer and fetal toxicity of nitroprusside in the acute pregnant ewe model. A maternal intravenous infusion of(More)
The present study evaluates the response of the nonpregnant ewe, the pregnant ewe, and the fetal lamb with regard to prostaglandin physiology after E. coli endotoxin administration. Baseline levels are reported and response to a stimulator (E. coli endotoxin) and an inhibitor (indomethacin) of prostaglandin synthesis is evaluated. The results reveal that(More)
BACKGROUND The UK military was continuously engaged in armed conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan between 2003 and 2014, resulting in 629 UK fatalities. Traumatic cardiac arrest (TCA) is a precursor to traumatic death, but data on military outcomes are limited. In order to better inform military treatment protocols, the aim of this study was to define the(More)