Philipp Zellner

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Companies often implement multiple process variants in their organizations at the same time. Often these variants differ widely in terms of efficiency, quality and cycle time. In times of highly volatile global economic markets, companies cannot afford unnecessary redundant business processes. Business Process Standardization has therefore become a major(More)
For restoring the opposition of the thumb in lesions of the median nerve, numerous surgical procedures have been reported. In severe injuries with considerable scarring in the palmar wrist area the motor muscles of the forearm are useless and if the ulnar nerve is equally involved, opposition cannot be restored even with the Huber-Nicolaysen-Littler(More)
Understanding the Business Process Standardization (BPS) requirements of the operating model is one important aspect for the adequate design of the underlying Enterprise Architecture (EA). Moreover, the benefits and drawbacks of BPS have been discussed thoroughly in literature and the alignment of business processes and IT is considered to be of high(More)
A 60 year old female patient was referred to us with the diagnosis of a traumatic rupture of the flexor pollicis longus tendon. Because of disturbances in sensitivity in the superficial branch of the radial nerve, we carried out a neurological examination. A mild polyneuropathy was found, but there was no evidence against the presence of a trauma-induced(More)
The importance of considering the possibility of later thumb replacement during the primary treatment of the injured thumbless hand is pointed out. Even a functionless long finger or a part of it which can be later used for a thumb reconstruction should be retained, as in such a hand its loss may be otherwise irreplaceable. The rare indication for primary(More)
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