Philipp Zellner

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A pharmacokinetic trial with ticarcillin/clavulanate was undertaken in patients with severe burns. Timentin 5.2 g (ticarcillin 5 g + clavulanate 200 mg) was administered by iv infusion over 20 min, two or three times daily. Fifteen patients with varying amounts of total body surface (TBS) burned could be evaluated for pharmacokinetic calculations (group A,(More)
Because of the unsatisfactory results hitherto achieved in the bactericidal and bacteriostatic local therapy of burns, Betaisodona ointment was tested and, in view of its good effect, put to further therapeutic use. The advantages of the preparation, apart from the good local tolerance and absence of effect on metabolism, are the good bactericidal and(More)
The treatment of the burnt hand of a child requires careful consideration of both the physical and psychological aspects involved in this programme; measures such as physical therapy, which play an important part in the treatment of adults, are of less significance. Nevertheless, due to a very low incidence of complications eg. joint stiffness, the final(More)
All-dielectric frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) can serve as an alternative to their metallic counterparts when they must operate at very high power, loss must be minimized, or when the surface itself must be low observable. When metals are avoided, there is a weaker interaction with electromagnetic waves and it becomes more difficult to achieve strong(More)
Companies often implement multiple process variants in their organizations at the same time. Often these variants differ widely in terms of efficiency, quality and cycle time. In times of highly volatile global economic markets, companies cannot afford unnecessary redundant business processes. Business Process Standardization has therefore become a major(More)
The primary treatment of extensive, deep 3 degrees burn injuries of the lower leg can lead to adhesion of the split-thickness graft with the anterior tibial shaft. Chronic recurring defects with correlative soft-tissue infection can be the consequences, which complicate the patient's rehabilitation. In most cases large defects are involved, so that the(More)
For restoring the opposition of the thumb in lesions of the median nerve, numerous surgical procedures have been reported. In severe injuries with considerable scarring in the palmar wrist area the motor muscles of the forearm are useless and if the ulnar nerve is equally involved, opposition cannot be restored even with the Huber-Nicolaysen-Littler(More)
Methods of surgical reconstruction which are available for wound closure on the lower extremities, following injury of full-thickness defects, are discussed -- especially in relation to indications of primary and secondary procedures. Special mention is given to cross-leg-flaps and tube pedicles of the legs. Indications and technical considerations involved(More)
IgM and IgM levels were measured in 108 burn patients. A marked decrease was evident in these immunoglobulins. The initial fall of IgG can be attributed to the loss of serum via the body surface, i.e. burn blisters. The loss of IgM may be taken as indication of the catabolic phase. Quantitative substitution was possible in almost all cases.