Philipp Zech

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  • Philipp Zech
  • 2011
Assuring the security of a software system in terms of testing nowadays still is a quite tricky task to conduct. Security requirements are taken as a foundation to derive tests to be executed against a system under test. Yet, these positive requirements by far do not cover all the relevant security aspects to be considered. Hence, especially in the event of(More)
In recent years Cloud computing became one of the most aggressively emerging computer paradigms resulting in a growing rate of application in the area of IT outsourcing. However, as recent studies have shown, security most of the time is the one requirement, neglected at all. Yet, especially because of the nature of usage of Cloud computing, security is(More)
—In this article we present a novel model–driven system testing methodology for service–centric systems called Telling TestStories, its tool implementation and the underlying model validation mechanism. Telling TestStories is based on tightly integrated but separated platform–independent requirements , system and test models. The test models integrate test(More)
The development of secure software systems strongly relies on the availability of a known risk profile. In cloud computing, such a known risk profile does not exist yet, resulting in highly insecure cloud deployments. In our paper we propose a textual modeling language for cloud deployments making it possible to derive a risk profile using a risk analysis,(More)
Designing multi-threaded and multi-core processor architectures has become one of the most challenging projects for computer scientists in the last few years. But not only the design of such architectures for desktop computers, servers, or high performance computing (HPC) clusters has been investigated in a sophisticated manner, also in the area of embedded(More)
Today's increasing trend towards outsourcing IT landscapes and business processes into the Cloud is a double-edged sword. On the one side, companies can save time and money; however, on the other side, moving possible sensitive data and business processes into the Cloud demands for a high degree of information security. In the course of this chapter, the(More)
The increased deployment of service centric systems in security critical application contexts poses new challenges to properly test such a system's security. If taking a closer look at the inherent complexity of such applications, sophisticated approaches to testing security are indispensable. In our paper we propose a novel model - based methodology for(More)