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Assuring the security of a software system in terms of testing nowadays still is a quite tricky task to conduct. Security requirements are taken as a foundation to derive tests to be executed against a system under test. Yet, these positive requirements by far do not cover all the relevant security aspects to be considered. Hence, especially in the event of(More)
In recent years Cloud computing became one of the most aggressively emerging computer paradigms resulting in a growing rate of application in the area of IT outsourcing. However, as recent studies have shown, security most of the time is the one requirement, neglected at all. Yet, especially because of the nature of usage of Cloud computing, security is(More)
1. The kinetics of the hypolipidaemic drug, ciprofibrate, were studied after a single oral dose (100 mg) in subjects with normal renal function (n = 6), patients with mild (n = 6) and severe (n = 6) renal insufficiency as well as in haemodialysed patients (n = 5). 2. Under fasting conditions, ciprofibrate, was absorbed rapidly in subjects with normal renal(More)
A prospective randomised trial was carried out in 14 patients with severe 'idiopathic' acute crescentic glomerulonephritis. The mean percentage of crescents was 78 per cent and 11 patients were anuric at presentation. Eight patients received pulses of methylprednisolone, immunosuppressive drugs and anticoagulants and six the same therapeutic regimen plus(More)
A 20-year-old man developed a massive nephrotic syndrome, rapidly complicated by pulmonary embolism and septicemia. Two renal biopsies taken 3 months apart showed minimal change glomerulonephritis. Treatment with prednisolone 1.5 mg/kg/day failed to induce a sustained remission, then monotherapy with cyclosporin A (CsA, 5 mg/kg/day) was started. Complete(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether low protein diets retard the development of end stage renal disease. DESIGN Meta-analysis of 46 trials since 1975, from which six randomised controlled trials were selected. SETTING Five trials in Europe and one in Australia between 1982 and 1991. SUBJECTS 890 patients with mild to severe chronic renal failure who were(More)
We examined the renal hemodynamic modifications induced by a selective angiotensin II (AII) AT1 receptor antagonist, losartan, in 10 patients with essential hypertension. In this single-blind study, renal hemodynamic parameters were determined twice (patients were their own controls) first after a 15-day single-blind placebo run-in period and again after a(More)
The increase of glomerular filtration rate after a 90-gram oral protein load was determined in 9 healthy individuals by simultaneous measurements of both creatinine (Ccr) and inulin (Cin) clearances, performed before and every 30 min during 4 h after the meat meal. This protein load resulted in a short 26% increase of Cin at 90 min, and a sustained 29%(More)
On the occasion of a new case and review of 9 others in the literature, the authors seek to establish the hallmarks of the nephritis occurring after M. pneumoniae infection. It often consists of an acute nephritic syndrome, 10 to 40 days after a respiratory tract infection; hematological abnormalities are not constant. Histological examination of the kidney(More)
The pharmacokinetics of atenolol, a new cardioselective β-adrenoceptor blocking agent, were determined following both acute and chronic dosing in 33 hypertensive patients with widely differing levels of renal impairment. In patients with normal renal function the atenolol half-life was calculated to be about six hours following single 100 mg oral doses.(More)