Philipp Zambelli

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This paper deals with the development of highly sophisticated teaching environments. We took a look at the requirements that such a system has to fulfill to meet the needs of our modern society and to remain easily adaptable to forthcoming, new technologies. The results of our research show that the cost for design and implementation of a distributed(More)
In this paper the Adaptive Learning Environment Framework is presented. This Framework allows to re-use, combine, and improve existing learning systems or knowledge-databases and equip the resulting meta-learning environment with a new advanced user interface. Especially the last mentioned feature supports a completely new way to learn different materials(More)
Dinopolis is at the moment the most universal and extendable application framework available. It is fully written in Java and fully compliant to today’s application standards like Corba, RMI, DOM and XML. As a middleware system it provides access to arbitrary existing systems and supports combination of external systems in a way that they benefit from each(More)
This paper describes the object life-cycle management in the Dinopolis middleware system. Advanced object composition is used to support adaptability and extensibility of the running system. Such a high degree of flexibility requires mechanisms to keep objects and the entire system in a consistent state. We show that a fine-grained definition of the object(More)
This paper describes the interface between an application and the core module of the Dinopolis distributed object framework. It shows the advantages of using dynamic proxies for all objects that are passed from the core of the system to the application and why special care has to be taken for objects that are passed from the application to the core. It is(More)
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