Philipp Wunderlich

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Transformative services represent a crucial topic in future service research. Particularly in the energy sector, consumer adoption of transformative—often IT-enabled—services is essential to increased environmental sustainability. As adopting these services increases both individual and collective well-being, research has to delve more deeply into the(More)
Research on the adoption of information systems (IS) has been dominated by mechanistic motivational theories (extrinsic vs. intrinsic motivation). In contrast, the Self-Determination Theory (SDT) goes beyond the traditional dichotomy of extrinsic and intrinsic motivation by distinguishing between different types of motivation based on one’s perceived(More)
Given rising electricity consumption, coupled with finite resources, ICT-enabled electrical networks such as smart grids are increasingly being deployed by energy companies. One part of smart grids is smart meter technology (SMT), which are digital electrical meters, having the potential to increase energy efficiency in both residential and industrial(More)
In an empirical study, we explore success factors of electronic business models by comparing how the two professional social networking sites (SNS) LinkedIn and Xing have achieved competitive advantage. Using the grounded theory method and a resource-based perspective, our interpretative case study employs the business models of the respective organizations(More)
This study analyzes the dynamics of intra-organizational innovation implementation processes based on conversion within and migration between groups. We employ a diffusion model that extends often-used epidemic models in three ways: (1) repeated acceptance and rejection decisions of adopters and non-adopters, (2) diffusion within and across groups organized(More)
The purpose of this study is to introduce system dynamics as a methodology to analyze intraorganizational innovation diffusion processes. Therefore, a purely algebraic model is replicated and analyzed in a system dynamics environment before it is extended by relaxing the restrictive assumption that intra-group diffusion and inter-group diffusion take place(More)
Retaining customers is a relevant topic throughout all service industries. However, only limited attention has been directed towards studying the antecedents of subscription renewal in the context of operational cloud enterprise systems. Cloud services have historically been offered as subscription-based services with the (theoretical) possibility of(More)
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