Philipp Wieneke

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Male reproductive function may be impaired by various occupational and environmental chemical agents. The majority of these xenobiotics, however, require metabolic activation in order to exert adverse effects via covalent interactions between intermediate metabolites and cellular macromolecules such as DNA or protein. In addition, metabolization may alter(More)
A diverse range of Lewis acidic alkyl, vinyl and aryl boranes and borenium compounds that are capable of new carbon-carbon bond formation through selective migratory group transfer have been synthesised. Utilising a series of heteroleptic boranes [PhB(C6 F5 )2 (1), PhCH2 CH2 B(C6 F5 )2 (2), and E-B(C6 F5 )2 (C6 F5 )C=C(I)R (R=Ph 3 a, nBu 3 b)] and borenium(More)
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