Philipp Urban

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Existing image-difference measures show excellent accuracy in predicting distortions, such as lossy compression, noise, and blur. Their performance on certain other distortions could be improved; one example of this is gamut mapping. This is partly because they either do not interpret chromatic information correctly or they ignore it entirely. We present an(More)
Image processing methods that utilize characteristics of the human visual system require color spaces with certain properties to operate effectively. After analyzing different types of perception-based image processing problems, we present a list of properties that a unified color space should have. Due to contradictory perceptual phenomena and geometric(More)
Accurate color reproduction is important in many applications of 3D printing, from design prototypes to 3D color copies or portraits. Although full color is available via other technologies, multi-jet printers have greater potential for graphical 3D printing, in terms of reproducing complex appearance properties. However, to date these printers cannot(More)
A spectral agreement between the original scene and a printed reproduction is required to achieve an illuminant-invariant visual match. This is usually impossible since the spectral gamut of typical printing systems is only a small subset of all natural reflectances. Out-of gamut reflectances need to be mapped into the spectral gamut of the printer(More)
Small suprathreshold color differences around five CIE color centers were investigated on a typical liquid crystal display (LCD) with fluorescent backlight using the method of constant stimuli. The results were evaluated using probit analysis and compared with surface-color differences of the RIT-DuPont dataset. We focused especially on the relationship(More)
Isometric embedding of non-Euclidean color spaces into Euclidean color spaces is investigated. Owing to regions of nonzero Gaussian curvature within common non-Euclidean color spaces, we focus on the determination of transformations into Euclidean spaces with minimal isometric disagreement. A computational method is presented for deriving such a color space(More)
We propose a numerical method to determine a transformation of a color space into a hue linear color space with a maximum degree of perceptual uniformity. In a first step, a transformation of the initial color space into a nearly perceptually uniform space is computed using multigrid optimization. In a second step, a hue correction is applied to the(More)
While image-difference metrics show good prediction performance on visual data, they often yield artifact-contaminated results if used as objective functions for optimizing complex image-processing tasks. We investigate in this regard the recently proposed color-image-difference (CID) metric particularly developed for predicting gamut-mapping distortions.(More)
A new spectral gamut mapping framework is presented. It adjusts the reproduction, choosing spectra within the printer's gamut that satisfy colorimetric criteria across a hierarchical set of illuminants. For the most important illuminant a traditional gamut mapping is performed and for each additional considered illuminant colors are mapped into device and(More)