Philipp Stratmann

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There are multiple indications that the nervous system of animals tunes muscle output to exploit natural dynamics of the elastic locomotor system and the environment. This is an advantageous strategy especially in fast periodic movements, since the elastic elements store energy and increase energy efficiency and movement speed. Experimental evidence(More)
Compliant elements in robotic systems can strongly increase the energy efficiency of highly dynamic periodic motions with large energy consumption such as jumping. Their control is a challenging task for multijoint systems. Typical control algorithms are model-based and thus fail to adjust to unexpected mechanical environments or make limited use of(More)
Conventional K-edge subtraction imaging is based around the acquisition of two separate images at energies respectively below and above the K-edge of a contrast agent. This implies increased patient dose with respect to a conventional procedure and potentially incorrect image registration due to patient motion. We present results obtained with a pixellated(More)
Contrast-enhanced digital mammography (CEDM) is an alternative to conventional X-ray mammography for imaging dense breasts. However, conventional approaches to CEDM require a double exposure of the patient, implying higher dose, and risk of incorrect image registration due to motion artifacts. A novel approach is presented, based on hyperspectral imaging,(More)
In Germany, the law of labor time was instituted in hospitals on January 1st, 1996 to regulate working hours, times of rest, breaks, and Sunday and holiday work. Problems in the realization of this law arise in daily practice, especially with regard to maximum working hours and post on-call times of rest. The compliance with the law would necessitate an(More)
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