Philipp Simka

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In order to evaluate the impact of accumulated surface charges on dielectric surfaces in gaseous insulation, the source of such charges was determined experimentally. Injected charges were measured in a coaxial electrode setup having two different surface roughnesses. Measurements were performed at low electric DC fields (<; 2 kV/mm) in both vacuum and(More)
In SF<sub>6</sub> insulated high voltage circuit breakers the dielectric recovery is a crucial phase during the current interruption process. Due to the complexity of the conditions after current zero, there is still little understanding of the relevant processes determining the dielectric strength of hot SF<sub>6</sub> under these conditions. An(More)
C5F10O perfluoroketone (C5 PFK) is a practically non-toxic, synthetic fluid with high dielectric strength and global warming potential below the one of CO2 that is being considered as an alternative to SF6 in certain types of electrical equipment. For high voltage applications, the low vapor pressure of C5 PFK makes it more suitable for use in indoor(More)
Pre-breakdown current evaluation is of importance for Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) under DC high voltage application. Even if very small, assuming constant polarity of the applied voltage, such currents represent a source of charges which continuously accumulate on dielectric surfaces, especially if these have high resistance. This can lead to a(More)
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