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Based on the combination of the unique features of both polyionic liquids and spherical colloidal crystals, a new class of inverse opaline spheres with a series of distinct properties was fabricated. It was found that such photonic spheres could not only be used as stimuli-responsive photonic microgels, but also serve as multifunctional microspheres that(More)
Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome is a disease caused by NBN mutations. Here, we report a novel function of Nbn in skin homeostasis. We found that Nbn deficiency in hair follicle (HF) progenitors promoted increased DNA damage signaling, stimulating p16Ink4a up-regulation, Trp53 stabilization and cytokines secretion leading to HF-growth arrest and hair loss. At(More)
Exploiting metal-organic framework (MOF) materials as novel building blocks to construct superstructures with extended and enhanced functions represents a big challenge. In biological systems, the ordering of many components is not achieved by interaction of the components with each other, but by interaction of each component with the host protein which(More)
Development of novel approaches linking the physical characteristics of particles with biological responses are of high relevance for the field of particle therapy. In radiobiology, the clonogenic survival of cells is considered the gold standard assay for the assessment of cellular sensitivity to ionizing radiation. Toward further development of next(More)
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