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BACKGROUND Considering results from the early recognition and intervention in psychosis, identification and treatment of individuals with at-risk states for the development of bipolar disorders (BD) could improve the course and severity of illness and prevent long-term consequences. Different approaches to define risk factors and groups have recently been(More)
One hundred thirty-eight consecutive, nonrandomized patients, with equivalent demographic and preoperative physiologic parameters, underwent either a video-assisted thoracic surgical (VATS) approach (n = 81) or a limited lateral thoracotomy (LLT) approach (n = 57) to accomplish pulmonary resection for peripheral lung lesions (< or = 3 cm in diameter). Wedge(More)
The prevalence and severity of chronic pain after video-assisted thoracic surgery for pulmonary resection remains to be defined. Three hundred forty-three of 391 consecutive patients 3 to 31 months after pulmonary resection by lateral thoracotomy (n = 165) or video-assisted thoracic surgery (n = 178) responded to a questionnaire aimed at comparing the(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with diffuse pulmonary infiltrates often require biopsy for a diagnosis. Standard operative therapy, open wedge resection via thoracotomy, is associated with known morbidity. We hypothesized that closed thoracoscopic wedge resection may result in reduced morbidity and decreased duration of hospital stay. This retrospective study compares(More)
BACKGROUND The precise characterisation of a high risk status for the development of a psychiatric disorder and the question of how well this predicts disease manifestation is of major importance as negative consequences of late diagnosis and treatment have been well demonstrated. In the absence of well defined and disease specific biological markers for(More)
BACKGROUND In a previous meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials comparing lithium with placebo as a long-term treatment in bipolar disorders, we observed a clear preventative effect for manic episodes; however, the effect was equivocal for depressive episodes. Since then, the evidence base has grown further. In this update, we furthermore present the(More)
Nutritional support in patients with advanced cirrhosis is difficult due to protein, fluid and salt restrictions. Successful liver transplantation should improve nutrient tolerance. We randomly assigned 28 hypoalbuminemic cirrhotic patients to receive, immediately after liver transplantation, one of three regimens: group 1, no nutritional support (n = 10);(More)
Reliable venous access is often a serious problem in the cancer chemotherapy patient. In one year, the authors of this report have inserted 26 chronic double-lumen silastic Hickman catheters in 25 acute leukemia patients. Each patient received an average 12 courses of combination chemotherapy, 11.5 packed red blood cell units, 48.0 platelet units, 4.2 fresh(More)
Bipolar disorder is a severe psychiatric disorder that is associated with persistent changes in the quality, duration and architecture of sleep. Currently there is no unifying hypothesis explaining the alterations in sleep observable in patients with bipolar disorder and management is often difficult though vital. Sleep is modified by various cytokines(More)