Philipp Rastner

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Aim of the study was to create a precipitation map of Tyrol and adjacent zones by interpolating existing point data to a continuous surface. Rain gauge data was obtained from the responsible organizations. Among the 563 stations, only few were situated at high altitudes. For this reason, precipitation at the ELA of Austrian and Italian glaciers was(More)
This paper presents a semi-automatic procedure for the classification of high resolution images in order to obtain a fast update of land cover – land use maps. The adopted methodology can be considered as both recursive and hierarchical. It is hierarchical since it is developed as a top-down procedure starting from the main classes and moving down towards(More)
  • 2016
Despite renewed efforts to better understand glacier change and recognize glacier change trends in the Andes, relatively large areas in the Andes of Argentina and Chile are still not investigated. In this study, we report on glacier elevation and mass changes in the outer region of the Northern and Southern Patagonian Icefields in the Southern Patagonian(More)
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