Philipp Metzler

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OBJECTIVES Although there are many reports about risk factors for the development of BP-associated osteonecrosis of the jaws, the role of dental implants as a local risk factor is still discussed, especially in patients with oral BP treatment. Until now, a few case reports and surveys display a possible minor risk in patients with oral BP therapy, whereas(More)
PURPOSE Anterior alveolar osteodistraction is a common method for enlargement of the dentoalveolar process, and bone-borne distraction devices are hypothesized to avoid the risk of dental tipping and periodontal impairment during distraction. The aim of this study was to objectify this thesis and to determine the reliability of bone-borne osteodistraction(More)
BACKGROUND Secondary enophthalmos correction, especially in severe cases, represents a surgical challenge. The complex injury pattern involving the hard and soft tissue warrants individualized multimodality treatment strategies. Even with seemingly successfully surgical execution, relapse or incomplete correction of globe position can occur. In an attempt(More)
Promising biomaterial characteristics of diamond-coatings in biomedicine have been described in the literature. However, there is a lack of knowledge about implant osseointegration of this surface modification compared to the currently used sandblasted acid-etched Ti-Al6-V4 implants. The aim of this study was to investigate the osseointegration of microwave(More)
Fractures of the orbital wall and floor can be challenging due to the demanding three-dimensional anatomy and limited intraoperative overview. Misfitting implants and inaccurate surgical technique may lead to visual disturbance and unaesthetic results. A new approach using individually manufactured titanium implants (KLS Martin, Group, Germany) for daily(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Contaminating white blood cells (WBC) contribute remarkably to the overall growth factor content of locally applicable platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or platelet (PLT) gel and change the relative proportions of the contained growth factors. MATERIALS AND METHODS To study the independent effects of locally applicated highly(More)
PURPOSE Virtual surgical planning (VSP) can promote efficiency, but the ability to transfer the proposed plan to the actual result has not been adequately studied. The purpose of this study was to morphometrically compare the virtually preplanned scenario with the postoperative 3-dimensional (3D) anatomic result. MATERIALS AND METHODS A retrospective(More)
Segmental distraction osteogenesis of the anterior mandibular alveolar process (frontblock) is a sufficient method to avoid extractions in patients with dental crowding and to decompensate retroalveolism. Up to now dental-borne devices were used, but limitate the indications for front-block distraction. A new bone-borne distraction device for mandibular(More)
Stafne bone cavities are usually found in men 50-70 years old. Typically they appear as lingual, open, ovoid lesions of the molar region of the lower jaw, and most contain parts of the submandibular gland. We have retrospectively examined panoramic radiographs acquired over a 5-year period. All lesions suspected of being Stafne bone cavities were included(More)
INTRODUCTION The osteopathology of the jaws associated with bone resorption inhibitors is a current topic that engages a variety of clinical specialists. This has increased after the approval of denosumab for treatment of osteoporosis and skeletal-related events in patients with solid malignancy. Early after the first publications, there is a possible(More)