Philipp Meng

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Antibiotic resistance poses a significant threat to humanity. Hundred years since the beginning of the era of antibacterial drugs, we are facing increasing numbers of infections with multi-resistant pathogens. The current approach of distributing information on antibiotic resistance in printed form in the clinics has disadvantages with respect to the(More)
Various applications using near field communication (NFC) have been developed for the medical sector. As a method of short-range wireless contact-driven data transfer, NFC is a useful tool in medicine. It can be used to transfer data such as blood pressure, control adherence to medication, or transmit in vivo data. The first proposed general framework uses(More)
Antibiotic resistance is a heterogeneous phenomenon. It does not only differ between countries or states, but also between wards of hospitals, where different resistance patterns have been found. To support clinicians in administering empiric antibiotic therapy, we developed software to present information about antibiotic resistance using a mobile concept.(More)
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