Philipp M. Starkl

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IgE-dependent mast cell activation is a major effector mechanism underlying the pathology associated with allergic disorders. The most dramatic of these IgE-associated disorders is the fatal anaphylaxis which can occur in some people who have developed IgE antibodies to otherwise innocuous antigens, such as those contained in certain foods and medicines.(More)
Asthma has multiple features, including airway hyperreactivity, inflammation and remodelling. The TNF superfamily member TNFSF14 (LIGHT), via interactions with the receptor TNFRSF14 (HVEM), can support TH2 cell generation and longevity and promote airway remodelling in mouse models of asthma, but the mechanisms by which TNFSF14 functions in this setting are(More)
OBJECTIVE Gouty arthritis is caused by the precipitation of monosodium urate monohydrate (MSU) crystals in the joints. While it has been reported that mast cells (MCs) infiltrate gouty tophi, little is known about the actual roles of MCs during acute attacks of gout. This study was undertaken to assess the role of MCs in a mouse model of MSU crystal-induced(More)
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