Philipp Krauss

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To assess the possible role of nicotinergic control in nociception and pain, experiments were carried out on rats under urethane anesthesia in which nociceptive activity was elicited by electrical stimulation of afferent C fibers in the sural nerve and recorded from single neurones in the thalamus and from ascending axons in the spinal cord. Intravenous(More)
We compared the rate of epilepsy and status epilepticus (SE) in patients with and without Parkinson's disease (PD). Out of 1215 patients with idiopathic PD, 31 had epilepsy and 19 of these had at least one episode of SE (61.3%) compared to 298 of 2537 patients (11.7%; p<0.001) with epilepsy and without concomitant PD. This clinical finding supports the(More)
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