Philipp Kraus

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Using purely agent-based platforms for any kind of simulation requires to address the following challenges: (1) scalability (efficient scheduling of agent cycles is difficult), (2) efficient memory management (when and which data should be fetched, cached, or written to/from disk), and (3) modelling (no generally accepted meta-models exist: what are(More)
Modeling and simulation of pedestrian behavior is used in applications such as planning large buildings, disaster management, or urban planning. Realistically simulating pedestrian behavior is challenging, due to the complexity of individual behavior as well as the complexity of interactions of pedestrians with each other and with the environment. This(More)
Within custom-made energy or HVAC systems, control quality of the widespread PI and PID controllers is in general poor due to high tuning costs for each controller and almost unique specifications of each controlled system. We propose a control tuning method, which needs as little as possible a priori knowledge, which runs as far as possible automated, and(More)
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