Philipp Klassen

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The organic cation transporter 3 (OCT3) is a widely expressed transporter for endogenous and exogenous organic cations. Of particular interest is OCT3 expression and function in the brain, where it plays a role in serotonin clearance and influences mood and behavior. Protein kinase signaling mediates rapid modulation of cerebral processes, but little is(More)
The proximal tubule of mouse kidney expresses mouse organic cation transporter 1 (mOCT1), mOCT2, and much less mOCT3. Therefore, mOCT-mediated transport across the basolateral membrane of proximal tubules reflects properties of at least mOCT1 and mOCT2. Here, we unraveled substrate affinities and modulation of transport activity by acute regulation by(More)
New data on the polarization observables T, P, and H for the reaction γp→pπ(0) are reported. The results are extracted from azimuthal asymmetries when a transversely polarized butanol target and a linearly polarized photon beam are used. The data were taken at the Bonn electron stretcher accelerator ELSA using the CBELSA/TAPS detector. These and earlier(More)
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