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Jatropha curcas, a multipurpose plant attracting a great deal of attention due to its high oil content and quality for biofuel, is recognized as a drought-tolerant species. However, this drought tolerance is still poorly characterized. This study aims to contribute to uncover the molecular background of this tolerance, using a combined approach of(More)
Sequencing the whole genome of an organism is invaluable for its comprehensive molecular characterization and has been drastically facilitated by the advent of high-throughput sequencing techniques. Especially in clinical microbiology the impact of sequenced strains increases as resistance and virulence markers can easily be detected. Here, we describe a(More)
Pseudonocardia autotrophica strain DSM 43083 is a filamentous actinobacterium and was described to degrade or modify lignin. Here, we present its draft genome sequence, with a size of 5.8 Mb, to unravel the gene set coding for promising monooxygenases, dioxygenases, and DyP-type peroxidases associated with aromatic metabolism and lignin modification.
The three Actinobacteria strains Streptomyces platensis DSM 40041, Pseudonocardia autotrophica DSM 535, and Streptomyces fradiae DSM 40063 were described to selectively oxyfunctionalize several drugs. Here, we present their draft genomes to unravel their gene sets encoding promising cytochrome P450 monooxygenases associated with the generation of drug(More)
Amantichitinum ursilacus IGB-41 is a new species of chitin-degrading bacterium isolated from soil, which secretes potential industrial enzymes. The genome of A. ursilacus was sequenced, and the gene set encoding chitinases was identified. Here, we present the draft genome of 4.9 Mb, comprising 38 contigs, and the corresponding annotation.
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