Philipp Kühl

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This paper reports on 10 patients (4 male, 6 female) with primary non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the brain (CNS-NHL--mean age 46.8 years, mean postdiagnostic survival 10 months). Pathological CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) was found in all 8 patients examined (positive cytology in 7/8 cases). Solitary tumors, diffuse periventricular infiltration or diffuse cerebral(More)
Cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) constitutes a malignant proliferative disease involving mostly CD4(+) T cells arising in the skin. Because of the lack of curative treatment options, interferons (IFN) have been introduced into the therapy of CTCL. Although effective even in advanced disease, response rates were about 50% and the duration of response was(More)
We report on anaphylactoid reactions (urticae at the injection site and along the injection vein) after intravenous injections of pethidine in two patients. Skin tests with pethidine were negative, but intravenous challenge showed urticae. These results indicate that the reactions were due to a non-immunological mechanism resembling pharmacological(More)
The total surgery obstruction s(X) of a finite n-dimensional Poincaré complex X is an element of a certain abelian group Sn(X) with the property that s(X) = 0 if and only if X is homotopy equivalent to a closed ndimensional topological manifold for n ≥ 5. These are the notes of the second of three talks which want to give a brief overview of the techniques(More)
By studying nonsense mutants in ten of the 11 known tail genes of bacteriophage lambda we obtained the following results. Concentrated tail(-)-lysates complement each other in nearly all possible (45) combinations. The efficiency of complementation is very dependent on physical parameters (lysis procedure, concentration, temperature) and on the mutants used(More)