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A cortical visuomotor network, comprising the medial intraparietal sulcus (mIPS) and the dorsal premotor area (PMd), encodes the sensorimotor transformations required for the on-line control of reaching movements. How information is transmitted between these two regions and which pathways are involved, are less clear. Here, we use a multimodal approach(More)
Voreen is an open source volume rendering engine which allows interactive visualization of volumetric data sets with high flexibility when integrating new visualization techniques [Meyer-Spradow et al. 2009]. It is designed with minimal overhead, so that, even for difficult processing networks, high rendering speeds can be achieved. While Voreen is(More)
PURPOSE 4D ultrasound has become an alternative for image guidance and motion compensation in radiosurgery. Nevertheless, a two-step localization has to be performed when using ultrasound. In addition to target localization inside the ultrasound volume, the transducer itself has to be localized and the target position has to be transformed into treatment(More)
We describe the preliminary design of a magnetograph and visible-light imager instrument to study the solar dynamo processes through observations of the solar surface magnetic field distribution. The instrument will provide measurements of the vector magnetic field and of the line-of-sight velocity in the solar photosphere. As the magnetic field anchored at(More)
Advances in radiation therapy delivery systems have enabled motion compensated SBRT of the prostate. A remaining challenge is the integration of fast, non-ionizing volumetric imaging. Recently, robotic ultrasound has been proposed as an intra-fraction image modality. We study the impact of integrating a light-weight robotic arm carrying an ultrasound probe(More)
PURPOSE For safe and accurate real-time tracking of tumors for IGRT using 4D ultrasound, it is necessary to make use of novel, high-end force-sensitive lightweight robots designed for human-machine interaction. Such a robot will be integrated into an existing robotized ultrasound system for non-invasive 4D live tracking, using a newly developed real-time(More)
102 pregnant womens have been controlled by means of the various three methods of the antenatal CTG (phonocardiography, ultrasonography and indirect fetal ECG) between the 22th to 41th week. The registered time for each method was ten minutes. Between the 27th to 33th week of the pregnancy the ultrasonography gives the best results. The phonocardiography(More)
A case of primary endogenous genitalactinomycosis with an IUD in situ is reported. 200 cases of actinomycosis of the female genital organs have so far been reported in literature. The mode of infection are discussed. In this case the ascension from the vagina and uterus are most probable. The treatement completely cured the patient.
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