Philipp Hunziker

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BACKGROUND The vasoconstrictor peptide endothelin-1 (ET-1) is important for increased vascular tone in patients with chronic heart failure, but the effects of endothelin-receptor blockade in addition to conventional triple therapy are unknown. METHODS AND RESULTS Thirty-six men (mean age+/-SD, 55+/-8 years) with symptomatic heart failure (NYHA class III;(More)
Heart failure is commonly associated with high plasma concentrations of endothelin-1, a powerful vasoconstrictor produced by endothelium. The role of endogenously released endothelin-1 in the maintenance of vascular tone in chronic heart failure was assessed by acute administration of an endothelin receptor antagonist, bosentan. 24 patients with chronic(More)
All mammalian metallothioneins characterized contain a single polypeptide chain of 61 amino acid residues, among them 20 cysteines providing the ligands for seven metal-binding sites. Native metallothioneins are usually heterogeneous in metal composition, with Zn, Cd, and Cu occurring in varying proportions. However, forms containing only a single metal(More)
The global expansion of the Internet is frequently associated with increased government transparency, political rights, and democracy. However, this assumption depends on marginalized groups getting access in the first place. Here we document a strong and persistent political bias in the allocation of Internet coverage across ethnic groups worldwide. Using(More)
SUMMARY: Talc is often used to control unwanted deposition of resins and wood processing derivatives in the wet end circuit of a paper mill. These compounds, called pitch, originate from the raw forest material and are brought into a semi-stable colloi-dal dispersion during the pulping process. In preceding work we found that the efficiency of different(More)
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