Philipp Holzer

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A controlled randomized study of endoscopic evacuation versus medical treatment was performed in 100 patients with spontaneous supratentorial intracerebral (subcortical, putaminal, and thalamic) hematomas. Patients with aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, brain tumors, or head injuries were excluded. Criteria for inclusion were as follows: patients' age(More)
Collections of electronic music are mostly organized according to playlists based on artist names and song titles. Music genres are inherently ambiguous and, to make matters worse, assigned manually by a diverse user community. People tend to organize music based on similarity to other music and based on the music's emotional qualities. Taking this into(More)
We propose a sketch-based system to design volume data from scratch. The user splits a surface model and paints brush strokes to volumetrically fill the 3D space. We extend exisiting sketch-based modeling systems in various ways. First, we use the cross-sectional plane as the interface to design internal structures. Second, the predefined surface geometries(More)
Careful use of the limited remaining fossil energy resources is important for both ecological and economical reasons. In addition to technical improvements, fuel consumption of a vehicle is influenced significantly by the driving behavior. Currently, only few in-car user interfaces are trying to promote a more fuel-efficient driving behavior. We propose(More)
This paper describes an ultrasound-guided, laser-assisted, and TV-controlled endoscopic technique which has been used so far in 133 patients for a variety of intracranial lesions. Following CT or MRI image reconstruction, and a decision on the placement of a 1 cm or a 2 cm burrhole, a 1 cm 5.0 mHz or 7.5 mHz intraoperative ultrasound probe is used to direct(More)