Philipp Harms

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While much research in political economy points out the benefits of ''limited government,'' political scientists have long emphasized the problems created in many less-developed nations by ''weak states,'' which lack the power to tax and regulate the economy and to withstand the political and social challenges from non-state actors. I construct a model in(More)
This paper extends parts of the results from [17] for plane curves to the case of hypersurfaces in R n. Let M be a compact connected oriented n − 1 dimensional manifold without boundary like S 2 or the torus S 1 × S 1. Then shape space is either the manifold of submanifolds of R n of type M , or the orbifold of immersions from M to R n modulo the group of(More)
We investigate the relationship between financial integration and output volatility at micro and macro levels. Using a very large firm-level dataset from EU countries over time, we construct a measure of " deep " financial integration at the regional level based on foreign ownership at the firm level. We find a positive effect of foreign ownership on(More)
Statistical shape analysis can be done in a Riemannian framework by endowing the set of shapes with a Riemannian metric. Sobolev metrics of order two and higher on shape spaces of parametrized or unparametrized curves have several desirable properties not present in lower order metrics, but their discretization is still largely missing. In this paper, we(More)
Several representations of geometric shapes involve quotients of mapping spaces. The projection onto the quotient space defines two sub-bundles of the tangent bundle, called the horizontal and vertical bundle. We investigate in these notes the sub-Riemannian geometries of these bundles. In particular, we show for a selection of bundles which naturally occur(More)
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