Philipp Hammelstein

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BACKGROUND Bipolar disorders are often not recognized. Several instruments were developed but none primarily focused on hypomania. The Hypomania Checklist (HCL) is aimed at the identification of bipolarity in outpatients. Using a German and Swedish sample, we investigated if the factor structure in nonclinical samples is similar to the one reported for(More)
BACKGROUND According to cognitive vulnerability stress models of depression, negative cognitions are supposed to be stable characteristics of depressed individuals even between depressive episodes. Depressed people also interpret social information more negatively than healthy people, perhaps even between depressive episodes. Frequency of social comparison(More)
BACKGROUND Although research interest in social phobias has expanded during the last decade, a special subtype of social phobia known as paruresis, which manifests in the inability to urinate in public rest rooms, is rarely mentioned. The aim of the present study was to achieve for the first time an estimation of point prevalence in a representative male(More)
Paruresis manifests in an inability to urinate in public restrooms followed by a considerable avoidance behavior. According to DSM-IV TR this disorder is classified as social phobia. A sample of N = 226 subjects completed different questionnaires concerning paruresis, social phobic symptoms, lower urinary tract symptoms and depressive symptoms. These(More)
Previous studies examining sex and age-related differences in sensation seeking havemainly focused on specific patterns of behaviour that can be described as a youthful behaviour style. In contrast, the present study assessed age and sex differences in sensation seeking using the need inventory of sensation seeking (NISS). This instrument measures sensation(More)
OBJECTIVE Stress is known to influence risk and progression of eating disorders (EDs). However, studies investigating physiological and psychological stress responses under laboratory conditions in patients with Anorexia nervosa or Bulimia nervosa are scarce and often produce conflicting findings. We therefore aimed to compare the neuroendocrine and(More)
THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Based on deficiencies of present conceptions of hope, an appraisal model is proposed as an alternative approach, in which hope is defined as the expectancy that a possible event, which a person rates positively, will occur in the future. The event depends both on situational and internal factors. This model differentiates between a(More)
BACKGROUND Although biographical narratives and work involving the meaning of biographical episodes is a central focus in any psychotherapy, there remains a lack of psychometric instruments for measuring the autobiographical construction as such. We will be presenting a theoretical model of an autobiographical construction of life themes and the Interview(More)
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