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In our laryngology practice, we have noted an increasing number of elderly patients referred to us for problematic dysphonia. We present our findings of the most common disorder affecting this age group. A sample of 47 consecutive patients over age 60 with dysphonia revealed presbylaryngis, ie, age-related anatomic and physiologic changes, as the most(More)
There is confusion regarding verrucous carcinoma of the larynx, an enigmatic, well-differentiated variant of squamous cell carcinoma known for local recurrence and anaplastic transformation following irradiation. This report adds 12 new cases and reviews the literature concerning radiation results versus surgical results. Treatment of 37 patients with(More)
Energy aware and robust self-organization is a challenging task in large, randomly deployed wireless sensor networks. In this paper, we achieve such a self-organization by introducing a hierarchical network structure and additionally roles that represent basic network functionalities like packet forwarding or data aggregation. These roles are exchanged(More)
In an evaluation of 30 patients with head and neck cancer, we found that 14 (46%) were uninsured at the time of diagnosis and 15 (50%) had yearly incomes below the poverty level. Tobacco and alcohol were identified as risk factors in 25 (83%) of the patients. These patients spent an average of $2,781 on carcinogenic agents yearly, increasing the risk of(More)
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The history, current status, indications and contraindications for intrauterine contraception are described, information on safety and side effects is cited from the literature, and the experience of 1 clinic with IUDs is discussed. In 1976, 200,000 women in the German Democratic Republic used IUDs, or 50/1000 women aged 15-45. Intrauterine contraception(More)
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