Philipp Gruner

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Fast and efficient osseointegration of implants into bone is of crucial importance for their clinical success; a process that can be enhanced by coating the implant surface with hydroxyapatite (HA) using the vacuum plasma spray technology (VPS). However, bacterial infections, especially the biofilm formation on implant surfaces after a surgery, represent a(More)
Carbon-fibre-reinforced polyether ether ketone (CFR-PEEK) exhibits excellent biomechanical properties as it has an elastic modulus similar to bone. However, CFR-PEEK displays inferior biocompatibility compared with titanium alloy and coating techniques are therefore of interest in order to improve integration. In this paper, the early biological response to(More)
Biomaterials with antimicrobial properties are now commonly used in different clinical specialties including orthopedics, endodontic, and traumatology. As a result, assessing the antimicrobial effect of coatings applied on implants is of critical importance. In this study, we demonstrate that isothermal microcalorimetry (IMC) can be used for monitoring(More)
The present study was aimed at developing a new strategy to design and anchor custom-fitted implants, consisting of a head fixation device and a chronic recording chamber, on the skull of adult macaque monkeys. This was done without the use of dental resin or orthopedic cement, as these modes of fixation exert a detrimental effect on the bone. The implants(More)
Photoinduced surface wrinkling is demonstrated for a low molecular azo compound confined between a substrate and a thin inorganic elastic layer. The wrinkling process is investigated by time-resolved light scattering as well as by two-dimensional autocorrelation analysis of microscopic images. It is shown that the temporal evolution of the wrinkling pattern(More)
BACKGROUND Animal models serve as an important tool to understand peri-implant infection. Most of the models use high bacterial loads (>10(4) colony forming units, CFU) to provide high infection rates. Therefore these animals evolve rather similarly, making comparison between groups and statistical analysis possible. On the other hand, to mimic clinical(More)
The selective effect produced by an analog filter followed by a comparator, is represented in the voltage-frequency-plane by a frequency-dependent threshold of sensitivity and a scatter-diagramm, which is characterising the signal. The variation of the threshold, caused by differentiation of the signal, is described. Following this model it is discussed,(More)
A method for the representation of EEG-parameters by means of a bidimensional plot of two signals is described. A block diagram is given for the recording of figures with phase-sensitive parameter variations, using an oscilloscope or an X-Y graphic recorder as a display. Charts for the determination of the setting parameters of a digital as well as an(More)