Philipp Gringel

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Patterns are an effective way to express solutions to constantly occurring problems in software engineering. Books like Erich Gamma’s Design Patterns ([Gam94]) or Martin Fowler’s Analysis Pattern ([Fow96]) helped to develop a common understanding of problem solving in this field. The pattern catalog developed by members of the chair Software Engineering for(More)
Due to mergers and acquisitions as well as uncoordinated projects, application landscapes of today’s organizations contain redundant applications (two or more applications that have similar functionality). To consolidate the application landscape, comparisons of applications have to be performed. Application landscape metrics are seen as an appropriate(More)
Software-Migrationen erfordern die Definition von Zielarchitekturen, die die Eigenschaften des neuen Architekturparadigmas weitgehend nutzen, und die die Architektureinschränkungen der zu migrierenden Systeme ausreichend berücksichtigen. Im Rahmen des SOAMIG-Projekts zur Migration in Service-orientierte Architekturen wird ein inkrementelles Vorgehensmodell(More)
1 Motivation The discipline of Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM), while becoming firmly established with global enterprises, often remains unnoticed by medium-sized enterprises. In global enterprises the role of enterprise architects has been established for years, and they are equipped by EAM tools with underlying EA frameworks such as the Zachman(More)
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