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tinyLTE: Lightweight, Ad Hoc Deployable Cellular Network for Vehicular Communication
The application of LTE technology has evolved from infrastructure-based deployments in licensed bands to new use cases covering ad hoc, device-to-device communications and unlicensed band operation.Expand
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Improving the Robustness of Control-Grade Ultra-Wideband Localization
Abstract Ultra-wideband based localization technologies gained more and more attention over the recent years. Most of the predominant research focusses on two-way ranging based system topologies thatExpand
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Heterogeneous Multilink Aggregation for Reliable UAV Communication in Maritime Search and Rescue Missions
Recent technological advances are leading to increasing adoption of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in more and more application areas. The use of UAVs promises great potentials in finding missingExpand
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Software–Defined End–to–End Evaluation Platform for Quality of Service in Non–Standalone 5G Systems
The fifth generation of mobile communication (5G) will support a much broader spectrum of quality of service (QoS) profiles than its predecessor long–term evolution (LTE). These improvements areExpand
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Robust Cellular Communications for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Maritime Search and Rescue
Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) are a promising technology for fast, large scale survey operations such as maritime search and rescue (SAR). However, providing reliable communications over longExpand
Reliable Long-Range Multi-Link Communication for Unmanned Search and Rescue Aircraft Systems in Beyond Visual Line of Sight Operation
With the increasing availability of unmanned aircraft systems, their usage for search and rescue is close at hand. Especially in the maritime context, aerial support can yield significant benefits.Expand
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SKATES: Interoperable Multi-Connectivity Communication Module for Reliable Search and Rescue Robot Operation
Johannes Güldenring, Philipp Gorczak, Manuel Patchou, Christian Arendt, Janis Tiemann, Christian Wietfeld Communication Networks Institute (CNI), TU Dortmund University, Dortmund, Germany {Expand
Cooperative Validation of CAM Position Information Using C-V2X
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