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We demonstrate single-laser 32.5 Tbit/s 16QAM Nyquist wavelength division multiplexing transmission over a total length of 227 km of SMF-28 without optical dispersion compensation. A number of 325 optical carriers is derived from a single laser and encoded with dual-polarization 16QAM data using sinc-shaped Nyquist pulses. As we use no guard bands, the(More)
Optical frequency combs have the potential to revolutionize terabit communications(1). Generation of Kerr combs in nonlinear microresonators(2) represents a particularly promising option(3) enabling line spacings of tens of GHz. However, such combs may exhibit strong phase noise(4-6), which has made high-speed data transmission impossible up to now. Here we(More)
We demonstrate frequency comb sources based on silicon-organic hybrid (SOH) electro-optic modulators. Frequency combs with line spacings of 25 GHz and 40 GHz are generated, featuring flat-top spectra with less than 2 dB power variations over up to 7 lines. The combs are used for WDM data transmission at terabit/s data rates and distances of up to 300 km.
We introduce a next-generation long-reach access optical network (35 dB loss budget +2 dB margin) delivering up to 40G/40G per passive 1:256 optical distribution network, supporting symmetrical 1 Gb/s rates per home user or up to 40 Gb/s for business users (e.g., enterprises, antenna sites). The proposed system is based on a novel spectrally efficient(More)
The statistical orthogonal frequency division multiplexing passive optical network (OFDM-PON) concept with multiband optical network units (ONUs) is experimentally tested with two users and an optical line terminal at 2.5/5 Gb/s total effective capacity with binary phase-shift keying (BPSK)/quadrature phase-shift keying (QPSK) modulation. Both downstream(More)
We demonstrate two 1Tbit/s superchannel architectures using a compact, FSR-tunable gain-switched comb source. SSMF transmission of 18GBaud Nyquist-WDM shaped PDM-QPSK and PDM-16QAM modulation is reported, with a capacity up to 1.296Tbit/s and SE of 7.2bit/s/Hz.
We demonstrate a remotely seeded flexible passive optical network (PON) with multiple low-speed subscribers but only a single optical line terminal transceiver operating at a data rate of 31.25 Gbits/s. The scheme is based on a colorless frequency division multiplexing (FDM)-PON with centralized wavelength control. Multiplexing and demultiplexing in the(More)
In this paper the authors describe a novel system on chip (SoC) that is especially developed for digital signal processing of high-speed orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signals with data rates up to gigabits per second. Besides offering a new degree of freedom for the tradeoff between flexibility and performance during runtime, the modular(More)
The introduction of advanced optical modulation formats for coherent data transmission and multilevel signalling enlarges the transmission capacities but also requires more complex opto-electronic components. The need for cost efficient compact solutions is the main driver for photonic-electronic integration technologies. In the framework of the European(More)
We demonstrate, to the best of our knowledge, the first real-time single-carrier frequency division multiple access transmitter designed to be used in photonic communication networks. It is capable of providing 10 Gbit/s net bitrate at 3.125 GHz slot bandwidth, providing data to nine quasi-Nyquist spectral groups. The transmitter is designed with respect to(More)