Philipp Brauner

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From boring to scoring – a collaborative serious game for learning and practicing mathematical logic for computer science education Andreas Schäfer a , Jan Holz b , Thiemo Leonhardt b , Ulrik Schroeder b , Philipp Brauner a & Martina Ziefle a a Human–Computer-Interaction Center, RWTH Aachen University, Aachen, Germany b Computer Science Department, Learning(More)
A young girl was the victim of a severe dog attack. An animal, suspected of having caused the attack, was later impounded for investigation. Microclots of blood, recovered from the dog's fur, were analyzed by STR DNA. Results showed that this blood was not related to the biting. Other forensic evidence--hairs, fibers, and odontology--failed to connect a(More)
As the result of a traffic accident, a man was seriously injured. Investigators found him outside the vehicle he had presumably driven. He was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state and there received a number of blood transfusions. Bloodstains found inside the car were collected and sent for comparison with a posttransfusion blood sample of the(More)
Chorionic villus sampling (CVS), prior to pregnancy termination (pre-termination CVS), is suggested as a tool for forensic paternity testing. Unlike the abortion material, which consists of ruptured tissues of fetal and maternal origin, extra-embryonic membranes obtained through CVS can provide an uncontaminated source of fetal tissue for genotyping. We(More)
An intact condom, reputedly used during a rape, was submitted for forensic examination. Conventional biochemistry results indicated that blood found on one side of the condom may have originated from the victim. Semen from the other side of the condom was not characterizable by conventional biochemical methods. Pubic hairs recovered from the condom matched(More)
Demographic change and the aging population push health and welfare system to its limits. Increased physical fitness and increased awareness for health issues will help elderly to live independently for longer and will thereby reduce the costs in the health care system. Exergames seem to be a promising solution for promoting physical fitness. Still, there(More)
Hematophagus arthropod bloodmeals may be useful in identifying individual hosts. To examine the application of human lice as a forensic tool, that is, as evidence of physical contact between individuals, body lice from a laboratory colony and head lice, collected from the head of infested children, were studied. The DNA profile of an individual was(More)
This report concerns the rape of a woman by a stranger. The complainant stated that, during the course of the rape, penetration took place without ejaculation: these details were later confirmed by a suspect. This suspect, who was identified by the complainant, confessed and was convicted. Laboratory findings, however, indicated that the suspect could not(More)