Philipp Bohm

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INTRODUCTION Verbal fluency tests are widely used to study, among other things, executive functions. The aim of this study is to establish pilot normative data of these tests (phonological and semantic fluency) for a healthy young adult Spanish population as well as to analyze the influence of age and years of formal education on test performance. (More)
BACKGROUND Prospective national registries examining the incidence and aetiology of sports-related sudden cardiac death (SrSCD) not only in competitive athletes but also in recreational sports participants are uncommon. In May 2012, a prospective registry on SrSCD was installed to examine the incidence and particularly the aetiology of such events in the(More)
BACKGROUND This study aimed to assess the impact of leak compensation capabilities during pressure- and volume-limited non-invasive positive-pressure ventilation (NPPV) in COPD patients. METHODS Fourteen patients with stable hypercapnic COPD who were receiving long-term NPPV were included in the study. For both modes of NPPV, a full face mask and an(More)
The purpose of the study was to evaluate ECG abnormalities in a large sample of elite football players. Data from 566 elite male football players (57 of them of African origin) above 16 years of age were screened retrospectively (age: 20.9 ± 5.3 years; BMI: 22.9 ± 1.7 kg · m(-2), training history: 13.8 ± 4.7 years). The resting ECGs were analysed and(More)
Football is the most popular sport worldwide and includes the largest population of sports participants, especially in the field of recreational sport. It remains controversial whether football represents a sport discipline with a particular high risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD). The true incidence of SCD among football players is not known due to a lack(More)
BACKGROUND It is under debate whether the cumulative effects of intensive endurance exercise induce chronic cardiac damage, mainly involving the right heart. The aim of this study was to examine the cardiac structure and function in long-term elite master endurance athletes with special focus on the right ventricle by contrast-enhanced cardiovascular(More)
INTRODUCTION Death of an athlete during sports is tragic, and sudden cardiac death (SCD) is the most common cause. It is estimated, that the incidence of a SCD in athletes varies between 1:917 000 and 1:3000, whereas studies with higher methodological quality consistently report ranges between 1:40 000 to 1:80 000. In addition, it has been stated that(More)
INTRODUCTION The aims of this study were to assess the criterion validity of Alzheimer's Disease Assessment Scale (ADAS) and its cognitive subscale (ADAS-Cog) for the diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease (AD), and to determine their different cut-off scores and sensitivity and specificity values. In addition, we also attempted to study the possible correlations(More)
Veteran football players above 40 years have rarely been subject to scientific investigations. This is worrisome because their number is considerable and their cardiovascular risk probably increased. Therefore, a cross-sectional study was conducted in 100 football players between 40 and 63 years of age. This included a medical history and physical(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of a swimming break on airway hyperresponsiveness (AHR) and to evaluate perception of bronchoconstriction-related symptoms after methacholine challenge testing (MCT). DESIGN Observational, controlled study. SETTING University department. PARTICIPANTS Overall, 25 healthy, elite, competitive swimmers aged ≥14 years(More)