Philipp Böhm

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The functional role of the deazaguanine-derivative queuine was investigated using virus-transformed erythroleukaemic cells of mice as a model. The two-dimensional patterns of [35S]methionine-labelled proteins on two-dimensional O'Farrell gels of queuine-deficient (Q-), compared with queuine-supplemented (Q+) growing cells, showed specific characteristic(More)
Amajor challenge in biomimetic catalysis is the development of synthetic low-molecular-weight compounds that are able to mimic the catalytic function of enzymes. Thus, biomimetic redox enzymes should, on the one hand, be able to function as a catalyst in water and on the other hand accept cofactors, in particular NADH and NADPH (NAD(P)= nicotinamide adenine(More)
The alpha- and p-states of 3.4-benzpyrene are calculated by use of common parameters and of a parameter set which predicts the quasi-degeneracy of these states. The quasi-degeneracy will be represented by the breadage of pairing theorem and is to be described as a correlation effect, caused by an asymmetric potential. An external field represents an(More)
The activity of the AHH and the formation of polar metabolites from BaP was examined in several cell strains and lines, which are used for testing cytotoxic and transforming activity of environmental agents, the highest activity of the AHH and the highest capacity to metabolize BaP was found in hamster kidney cells. Much lower values were measured in kidney(More)
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