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Handling the inter-flow synchronization (e.g. images and sound of a video) in distributed multimedia applications seems to be fundamental. In this paper, we propose a new component model, named OSAGAIA , in order to tackle synchronization between multimedia flows from the source (e.g. media capture) to the destination (e.g. media player). This model is made(More)
Ubiquitous environment can include heterogeneous terminals that haven't the same characteristics. Exchange multimedia data using heterogeneous terminals requires an adaptation of contents or other types of adaptation. In this paper we present a state of the art as: related work in term of approaches followed by a comparative study, comparative study of five(More)
—The key aspect of any mobile multimedia application is the multimedia document. Currently, multimedia documents can be executed on multiple platforms (laptop, Smartphone, tablet, etc.), that resulting in a birth of new information system called pervasive. The different execution contexts of a multimedia presentation introduce different constraints on the(More)
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