Philip van Allen

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This paper explores the metaphor of animism as a methodological framework for interaction design and, in particular, advocates for a form of animism the authors term 'heterogeneous multiplicity.' Animism can make valuable contributions within ubiquitous computing contexts, where objects with designed behaviors tend to evoke a perception that they have(More)
Gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV) is a common and catastrophic disease of large and giant-breed dogs. Treatment of GDV includes medical stabilization followed by prompt surgical repositioning of the stomach in its normal anatomic position. To prevent reoccurrence, gastropexy is used to securely adhere the stomach to the body wall. Effective gastropexy(More)
How can designers make more meaningful, rich and user enabling interactive systems? What are the best principles, affordances and techniques of interactive design, what are some examples, and how should designers approach this challenge? This panel explores an approach called Productive Interaction, which views interaction as a medium that enables the user(More)
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