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Latex-coated polymeric monolithic ion-exchange stationary phases. 1. Anion-exchange capillary electrochromatography and in-line sample preconcentration in capillary electrophoresis.
A sulfonated methacrylate monolithic polymer has been synthesized inside fused-silica capillaries of diameters 50-533-microm i.d. and coated with 65-nm-diameter fully functionalized quaternaryExpand
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Latex-coated polymeric monolithic ion-exchange stationary phases. 2. Micro-ion chromatography.
Latex-coated monolithic polymeric stationary phases are used for micro-ion chromatography (mu-IC) of inorganic anions. Monolithic columns were prepared by the in situ polymerization of butylExpand
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Application of retention modelling to the simulation of separation of organic anions in suppressed ion chromatography.
The ion-exchange separation of organic anions of varying molecular mass has been demonstrated using ion chromatography with isocratic, gradient and multi-step eluent profiles on commerciallyExpand
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Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) separation capillaries for capillary electrophoresis. Properties and applications.
Poly(tetrafluoroethylene) (PTFE) is a material widely known for its inertness and excellent electrical properties. It is also transparent in the UV region and has a reasonable thermal conductivity.Expand
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Determination of bromate in sea water using multi-dimensional matrix-elimination ion chromatography.
A multi-dimensional matrix-elimination ion chromatography approach has been applied to the determination of bromate in seawater samples. Two-dimensional and three-dimensional configurations wereExpand
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Separation of opiate alkaloids by electrokinetic chromatography with sulfated-cyclodextrin as a pseudo-stationary phase.
The separation of six related opiate alkaloids (morphine, thebaine, 10-hydroxythebaine, codeine, oripavine and laudanine) was studied using sulfated-cyclodextrin (s-CD) as a cation-exchangeExpand
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Prediction of the effects of methanol and competing ion concentration on retention in the ion chromatographic separation of anionic and cationic pharmaceutically related compounds.
The mixed-mode separation of a selection of anionic and cationic pharmaceutically related compounds is studied using ion-exchange columns and eluents consisting of ionic salts (potassium hydroxide orExpand
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Pulsed potentiometric detection in capillary electrophoresis using platinum electrodes
A new potentiometric analytical technique, termed pulsed potentiometric detection (PPD) has been developed and introduced as an end-capillary detection technique in capillary electrophoresis (CE).Expand
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Modelling and optimization of the electrokinetic chromatographic separation of mixtures of organic anions and cations using poly(diallydimethyl‐ ammonium chloride) and hexanesulfonate as mixed
The separation of a series of aromatic carboxylic acids, sulfonates and opiates using electrokinetic chromatography employing a mixture of the soluble cationic polymer poly(diallydimethylammoniumExpand
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Optimisation of selectivity in the separation of aromatic amino acid enantiomers using sulfated ß‐cyclodextrin and dextran sulfate as pseudostationary phases
Control of selectivity in the enantiomeric separation of three aromatic amino acids (phenylalanine, tyrosine and tryptophan) was demonstrated utilising two separate electrolyte additives.Expand
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