Philip X.-L Feng

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We report the first demonstration of high-quality (Q<sub>i</sub> ~ 2.8-3.2&#x00D7;10<sup>3</sup>)3C silicon carbide photonic crystal nanobeams. With the strong optomechanical coupling (g<sub>OM</sub>/2&#x03C0; ~ 100 GHz/nm), we observed clear optical transduction of the thermal mechanical motion of the coupled nanobeams.
The production of helium 2 1S singlet metastable atoms has been investigated using a hollow cathode discharge and a Penning discharge, under dc discharge conditions. The density of metastable atoms was measured by atomic absorption using the 2 1S–3 1P transition (501.57 nm). A range of plasma currents, varying from 16 to 180 mA, and a range of pressures,(More)
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