Philip White

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BACKGROUND Demand for dialysis, particularly, in-centre haemodialysis (HD), is growing, and more units will be needed. Travel time to treatment is consistently a major area of concern for patients. AIM To analyse access to current dialysis facilities in Wales, and use the data to help plan for new dialysis units. METHODS We analysed a combination of UK(More)
The phenotype of fibroblasts repopulating experimental wounds in vivo has been shown to influence both wound healing responses and clinical outcome. Recent studies have demonstrated that the human homeobox gene PRX-2 is strongly upregulated in fibroblasts within fetal, but not adult, mesenchymal tissues during healing. Differential homeobox gene expression(More)
Circulating platelets may be activated by exposed triple-helical collagen in atherosclerotic lesions in Mg-deficient ruminants. Autologous platelets, labeled in vitro with 111In and determined to be active, were injected into 5 hypomagnesemic and 3 control lambs fed semipurified diets with 100 or 2,000 mg of Mg/kg of feed for 3 months. During the first 68(More)
The 3-day-old rat has a high basal level of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), the activity of which is not increased upon starvation. The lower basal activity of the enzyme in 19-day-old rat liver can, however, be stimulated by starvation. Serum glucose levels increased from 3 days to 19 days of age, with a decrease to adult levels. Liver glycogen(More)
Blood platelet function and possible involvement in death of hypomagnesemic ruminants was investigated with 26 Angus cows, 15 mature Hampshire wethers, eight Finnish-Hampshire ewes, and 36 growing Dorset lambs. Hypomagnesemia was induced by feeding vegetative spring tall fescue to 13 cows and semipurified diets low in Mg to nine wethers, four ewes, and 18(More)
A glass metabolic cage was designed for studies involving newborn rats and small animals up to about 15 g. The metabolic chamber is a jacketed tube, open on both ends and closed with 0-ring clamps. Water is circulated around the cage to maintain a constant and physiologic chamber temperature. Information about the metabolic pathway of nutrients and drugs(More)
Ribosomal profiles were prepared from liver postmitochondrial supernatant preparations of 2- to 21-day old and 60-day-old rats. Rats fed or starved for 3 or 15 to 16 hours were compared. Relative ribosomal distribution, calculated from planimetric analysis of the hepatic ribosomal profiles, was found to be approximately constant at all ages when fed animals(More)